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The MHESSC 2016 Summer Business Meeting was held
on July 30th at the Dean & Lori Koehler residence, Shakopee, MN.
Minutes of the meeting are posted below.
Recent Field Trial Championships Earned by Club Members:
New FC !!!
Harvest Moon's Quick Draw Emmett "Emmett"
O: Monte Meyer, H: Bill Boeckman
New FC !!!
Absolute's In A Blink Of An Eye "Skute"
O: Jayne Reinhart & Tracie Wilson, H: Dan Murray
New FC !!!
Paragon's Raigan Macoidh MH "Raigan"
O: Jim Meehl,
H: Bill Boeckman
New AFC !!!
Blue River's Fast Track "River"
O/H: Ken Hanson

New AFC !!!
Sunrise Simon "Simon"
O/H Terry Sworsky

New FC !!!
Whisky Rivers BB "Bullet"
O/H: Todd Stelzer
New FC !!!
Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie"
O: Ken Hanson, H: Ken Hanson & Ken Willis
New AFC !!!
Harvest Moon's Sizzlin' Bacon "Bacon"
O: Dean & Lori Koehler, H: Dean Koehler
New FC !!!
Blue Tower's Heart of Tess "Tess"
O: Nate & Tammy Garner, H: Nate Garner
New AFC !!!
Blue Tower's Heart of Tess "Tess"
O: Nate & Tammy Garner, H: Nate Garner
New AFC !!!
Whisky River's Itchy Trigger Finger "Trigger"
O/H: Todd Stelzer
New FC !!!
Milan Lynch's Buccleuchs MH "Millie"
O: Rick Paquin, H: Rick Paquin & Bill Boeckman
New AFC !!!
Harvest Moon's Cinnamon Girl "Judy"
O: Kevin Dresow &
Randy Bartsch, H: Randy Bartsch
NFC and New FC !!!
Harvest Moon's Cinnamon Girl "Judy"
O: Kevin Dresow &
Randy Bartsch, H: Paul McGagh
New AFC !!!
Harvest Moon's Sweet Surprise "Ellie"
O: Randy & Mary Manore, H: Randy Manore
New AFC !!! 
Sunrise Max "Max"
O/H: Terry Sworsky
New AFC !!!
Milan Lynch's Buccleuchs MH "Millie"
O/H: Rick Paquin
New AFC !!!
Whisky Rivers BB "Bullet"
O/H: Todd Stelzer
New AFC !!!
FC Bridgewaters Minnesota T "Sota"
O: Tracie Wilson & Jayne ReinhartH: Tracie Wilson
New FC !!!
Greenville Coffey "Coffey"
O: Rick Cichon, H: Bill Boeckman
New AFC !!!
Harvest Moon's Lon Mayu Run "Matty"
O/H: Kevin Dresow
New AFC !!!
Harvest Moon's Cookie "Cookie"
O/H: Kevin Dresow
New FC !!!
Bridgewaters Minnesota T "Sota"
O: Jayne Reinhart & Tracie Wilson, H: Morgan Haglin
New AFC !!!
Suthron Glen's Sparky "Sparky" O/H: Kevin Rutherford
New AFC!!!
Bridgewater's Sandpiper of BRS "Piper"
O: Randy & Mary Manore, H: Randy Manore
New FC!!!
Fallenwings Cool Hand Cole "Cole"
O: Jason Ladd, H: Bill Boeckman
(To see all recent clubmember placements go to the Field Trials page.)
Minnesota Hunting Spaniel Association Fun Trials are held in June, July and August each year.  

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 Minnesota Heartland English Springer Spaniel Club

Summer Business Meeting
July 30, 2016
Dean & Lori Koehler residence, Shakopee, MN

President Dean Koehler called the meeting to order.

Members Attending:
Dean & Lori Koehler, Mark Victor, Mark Rysavy, Pat Gilligan, Bill & Betty Boeckman, Rick Paquin, Dennis DuErr, Dick & Joanie Nichols, Randy & Mary Manore, Jesse Olmanson.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes from the Winter 2016 meeting were previously distributed by Dean Koehler and also posted at There were no additions or corrections to the secretary’s report.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Karen Larson was not present at the meeting, but she emailed the financial records. After making adjustments for unpaid Spring FT expenses (the big one being the $5465 bird bill from Blaha)  our account balance stands at approximately $1558.21. Current memberships stand at 12 individual and 9 family members, although dues have not yet been received from six or more long-term members. The secretary will contact those with unpaid dues to try to bring memberships up to date.


2016 Spring Field Trial Report (Bill Boeckman, Chair)
The trial was held at Sexter’s north field, and it went well despite extremely windy conditions.  The club lost approximately $732.46 on the trial.


2016 Fall Field Trial Report (Dennis DuErr, Chair)
The Fall FT will be held in the Owatonna area. Ted Lagala and Kevin Dresow are the All­-Age judges. Dick Nichols is the FT Secretary. Lori Koehler is the Head Marshal.

2017 Spring Field Trial Report (Rick Paquin, Chair)
Jeff Miller will be one of the all­-age judges. No puppy judges yet. Committee members are Bill Boeckman, Rick Paquin, Dean Koehler, Pat Gilligan, Mark Victor and Dennis DuErr.

Appoint 2017 Nominating Committee
Dean Koehler, Rick Paquin and Dave Huth will be on the nominating committee for 2017 Officers and FT Chairs.

National Dues and NOC and NAC ads
It was moved and seconded that the club pay national dues. The motion passed.
The low treasury balance was discussed, so there was no motion to place ads in the national FT catalogs.

Select NOC and NAC delegates
It was moved and seconded that Bill Boeckman be the NOC delegate, and Rick Paquin be the NAC delegate (if he qualifies for the NAC). If Rick doesn’t attend, we’ll nominate an alternate or proxy. The motion passed.

Voting instructions for NOC and NAC delegates:
It was moved and seconded that our delegates vote to change the qualification to one point or the lowest possible number of points. The motion passed.

NMESSC Update (Mark Haglin)
The Fall FT will be held on September 8/9 at Daybreak in South Dakota. All­-age judges are Ray Cacchio and John Meyer. Jay Crew one of the Puppy judges. Next spring’s FT will be moving back to the grounds of the former Hunt’s Point, now operating under a different name.

New Memberships
There were no new member applications.

The meeting continued with a joint discussion including the Minnesota ESSC Meeting to discuss items of mutual interest to both clubs with our B.O.G President Mark Haglin

Professionals returning to Amateur Status
Mark Haglin covered the requirements for a pro to regain amateur status:
1. Not an active professional handler for a minimum of two years.  2. File a notice with the ESSFT VP.  3. Return to amateur status allowed only once. 

He presented the survey data. 176 responses with 117 in favor of allow regaining amateur status and 56 opposed. Time period varied from one to ten years. Bob Sansom and Kevin Martineau have applied and met the requirements, and now have amateur status.

Elimination of Interclub Chair position
The IC Chair positions will cease to exist as of 1/1/17. Former IC Chair responsibilities will be shifted to the Regional Governors, the Midwest Regional Govermor is Elaine Vanderslice. Future comments should be directed to Elaine or Dave Stanford, the Field VP.

Judges Enhancement Program
Mark Haglin went through the new criteria item by item. There was a lot of discussion of the new requirements. There was little disagreement on the program requirements themselves. The primary point of contention was the lack of input by the clubs and current field trailers before approval by the Parent Club. Another concern is that the meeting of the listed criteria are to be tracked by the candidate (honor system), and not by the the Apprentice Judging Program Coordinator.  Some feel that these program changes will further decrease the pool of available judges.  There was a consensus that the rule changes will not remedy the current problem of bad judging.

2017 National Open Championship
Dean Koehler is the President and Bill Boeckman is the FT Chairman. Grounds south of Owatonna, or perhaps by Austin. Judges are Skip Smith and Chad Betts. Judges Stewart is Rick Paquin, Bird Planter is Linda Simon. Game Steward is Kevin Martineau. Lots of other helpers are needed. Contact Dean or Bill to sign up for help.

It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Dean Koehler, MHESSC Secretary

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Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events!

MHESSC FALL 2016 FIELD TRIAL -   October 1-2, 2016
FT Chair -  Dennis DuErr
FT Secretary -  Dick Nichols
All Age Judges -  Ted Lagala & Kevin Dresow
Puppy Judges -  
Head FT Marshal -  Lori Koehler
Gun Captains - Pat Gilligan
Bird Planter -  Mark Hoekstra
Birds -  Blaha
Grounds - Owatonna area
F.T. Committee:  
Entry fees: 
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